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Kinx is a two-player app that helps users discover, explore and express their desires in a safe, guided and interactive manner. It helps users navigate uncharted territory and promotes consent and education on kinks and desires. 




Our Vision:

Kinx is a two-player app that allows users to discover and explore their desires in a safe and guided manner. With Kinx, you can swipe right to express interest in different kinks, left to indicate disinterest, or hit the "Maybe…?" button to keep your options open. Once both players have completed this step, the app cross-references your selections to present a curated list of kinks that both users are interested in or willing to explore together, while not disclosing those who are off limits to either player. To help you navigate this uncharted territory, we've designed a set of interactive cards that are divided into three levels (soft, medium, hot!) which allow you to test out the common kinks and proceed at your own pace.

How Kinx helps you:

Kinx is unique in its ability to alleviate the discomfort and apprehension associated with the exploration of kinks and desires. The app's design facilitates the discovery of shared interests among users in a non-judgmental and non-embarrassing manner, thus enabling individuals to explore new experiences together. Furthermore, the interactive cards feature in the app allows you to proceed at your own pace, which is not typically offered in traditional methods of exploring kinks. Kinx gives you the freedom to discover and explore your desires in a safe and guided way.



Experience freedom in discovery:

Kinx is designed to help you overcome the unease and stigma around expressing your sexual desires. It can be hard to communicate about specific desires or boundaries, and our app provides a safe and comfortable platform to explore and express yourself. Additionally, Kinx prioritizes consent by providing check-ins throughout the app and educating users on the importance of consent, safe words, and other considerations. Our app is also inclusive of all gender and sexual orientations, providing a guided platform for individuals to explore their interests and desires regardless of their background or orientation.

À propos

Our founders

Kinx is where desires come to play. Behind this fun and daring app are three passionate co-founders with a mission to create a safe and liberating space for people to explore their kinks and desires.

Whether you're a seasoned explorer or just starting to dip your toes, Kinx is here to be your wingman. So grab your adventurous spirit and join us on a journey to embrace and express your desires without fear of judgment. Welcome to the Kinx community!

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